Studio-Jk is a design house based in the south of Tel-Aviv. Established in 2013, we provide industrial design services with a strong focus in soft goods. Our expertise is developing an initial concept into a finalized product. With a good balance between the in-house and overseas development process, we create time efficient and accurate projects with passion for detail and quality.



"Everything is possible"


Due to an accurate development process we are able to reduce time and cost.

Development stages:

Research - Conceptual design - 2D and 3D Visualization - In-house prototyping - Testing/concluding - Final In- house prototyping - Preparation for production - Escorting production - Quality assurance



The Studio

Where it all happens...

The hidden location of the studio in a private backyard makes confidentiality a given status for any project. The studio is equipped with professional tools and machines for any kind of soft goods prototyping.


2D Visualization

From Idea to Detail

Laying out Ideas and fine tuning details are the most important aspects of bringing a concept to life. This can be done simply by pen & paper or digitally, but most importantly with precision.   


CAD development

Plan in advance

CAD softwares make it possible to create digital models, therefore plan ahead and save time. The CAD in combination with rendering tools, can then be formed into realistic renders or shape the basis of sample making & production.


In-house Prototyping

Let's Innovate!

With 11 years of soft goods design experience, qualitative, accurate and finalized samples are ensured. A smooth in-house development process with innovative techniques, creates an accurate overseas production process.

Let's make it happen


Whether overseas or local, finding the right partners and corresponding the exact specifications is very important. We will make it happen, together with you!